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Bishop sees slow boom of new local businesses

Posted at 9:10 AM, Jul 10, 2024

What does it take to grow a small town?

People with ambition and a need for the community. The city of Bishop is slowly growing as locals around the area are testing their luck by opening up new businesses.

Donuts of Bishop announced their opening that became a hit online. They opened just a week ago and manager Victor Chansan said he and his family have gotten positive feedback.

“The love and the support is crazy from the community. I was shocked. I expected it to be a little bit busy for me and my family to be able to handle most of it, but it got real crazy quick,” Chansan said.

His family started a small donut shop business in California and then continued in Fremont and Ingleside. The Chansans said they’ve had their eye on a Bishop location for about ten years but were waiting for the right location to open up.

And when a vacant building off Highway 77 finally did open up, they were first in line.

“In the small cities there’s not much, just like Bishop. Being here, we are able to provide a more family oriented place, everybody comes together. I want to provide and help out the community as much as I can,” Chansan said.

Customer Anthony Wells made a stop at the shop with his kiddos Tuesday morning. He said he’s from Bishop and lives in Kingsville, but after hearing about a new mom and pop shop, he made the drive.

“They were opening this spot up… I was curious and wanted to see what it was and I’m from Bishop. When people open spots like this, I want to come and support them, so that’s what brought us today. This one wanted donuts and so did she,” Wells said.

Donuts of Bishop aren’t the only ones bringing something new to its neighbors.

Hassan Charania remodeled an old convenient store and transformed it into what locals now know as the new Bishop Stop n Shop. He said he saw potential with the old convenient store and knew he wanted to bring life back into it. The remodel took months, but Charania said he knows it will pay off.

“I think this community needed it. It’s convenient for the people. They can trust me if they want eggs, they don’t have to go all the way to Kingsville to H-E-B. It’s here and its always going to be here,” Charania said.

He said he wanted to make the store look as nice and clean as possible, even paying close attention to certain materials that will last longer and additional necessities in the restroom like a baby changing station.

The new Stop n Shop opened in the spring and Charania said he wants it to be more than just another convenient store. He’s even trying to bring his neighbors a quick meal with Hunt Brothers Pizza and gas pumps and hopes more people join the trend.

“The AAA Barbecue which is next door, they hit the nail with the hammer and I think people are following. I hope it just keeps growing,” Charania said.

Wells said he also hopes to see more local food joints in the area to keep families in town and save them a drive.

Bishop City Secretary Sal Ochoa said with the way things are looking for the new joints, they’re more than likely to bring in local jobs and revenue to the town which will in turn go back to improvements for the city.

“It’s a small community with a great school system, great nature trail, great park and I think people are just looking for a community where they can grow their family,” Ochoa said.

Bishop currently has about 14 businesses. ! bank, 3 gas stations, 4 food establishments, 3 retail stores and 3 car repair shops.

“The city of Bishop welcomes new businesses into the community. If any individuals are interested in getting information or wanting to get started they can call City Hall and we will help them,” Ochoa said.

Those interested in continuing the slowly growing trend can contact Bishop City Hall at 361-584-2567.

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