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Bill pay data shows Corpus Christi households pay less than the national average

Posted at 5:33 PM, Feb 17, 2022
and last updated 2022-02-17 18:33:50-05

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — Information from the mobile and online application Doxo has found a household in Corpus Christi, on average, pays less on their household bills than the national average.

“I know everybody is suffering with the cost of inflation and things are going to go up and you just kind of have to accept and absorb it," said John Schena of Corpus Christi. "Overall, I think we’re in a pretty good place here in Corpus Christi.”

“It’s very surprising to me because everything else is really high," Maritza Sanchez of Corpus Christi said. "I would assume with it being a touristic place, that the bills would be a lot higher.”

Doxo is a all in one app where you can pay your bills in one spot. They found the averages for the top ten household bills, which were mortgage or rent, auto loans, auto insurance, utilities, health insurance, cable and internet, cell phone, alarm and security and life insurance.

The national average came in at $2,003 a month, more than last year, and now eclipsing the $2,000 mark. Corpus Christi households pay on average $1,808 a month.

Director of Doxo Insights Liz Powell said this means Corpus Christi looks a bit more affordable.

“We think that by making this data available, it helps consumers," said Powell. "Because, if you are armed with knowledge then it makes your case for negotiating a lower rate on say your cable, for example, a lot stronger.”

Averages were anonymously collected from the more than 6 million uses of the app.

The data was broken down even further showing what percent of the Corpus Christi sample is paying for each utility. For example, it shows that 71 percent of the sample size is paying for an auto loan.

You can also view the average of each category compared to the national average. So, while Corpus Christi households pay less overall, they pay more in utilities.

"This is usually tied to weather," Powell said. "In some cases, it's when cities are dealing with cold weather, but in the case of Corpus Christi, it's warm weather."

"You know I guess utilities (...) it seems like that’s something they always do a $2, $3, $4 increase every six months, a year or so," Schena said. "So, to me, I pay roughly about $100 a month on utilities and I don’t feel like that’s all that bad.”

Data also shows information for nearby cities. For example, Portland homes on average pay $2,111 a month, slightly more than the national average, while Alice homes are paying less than Corpus Christi's at $1,674.

To view the regional data for Corpus Christi you can click here.

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