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Beloved Port Aransas man Mark Grosse dies at age 77

Posted at 4:43 PM, Apr 02, 2024
and last updated 2024-04-02 19:18:23-04
  • Well-known Port Aransas resident Mark Grosse died at age 77
  • Donated a huge portion of his life savings to Port Aransas Art Center and supported many other organizations
  • Community is shaken up about his death

Mark Grosse is a well-known and loved real estate business owner, pilot, and leader in the Port Aransas community. He died on Sunday, March 31, 2024. He battled cancer.

He grew up in Port Aransas and started his own business, Mark Grosse Real Estate. After achieving great success, he wanted to use his good fortune to give back to the community. Back in November 2023, he donated $650,000 to the Port Aransas Art Center so that it could be expanded.

The people of the community of Port Aransas are sad and shaken up about his passing. Even people who weren't in his direct circle still felt inspired and impacted by Grosse.

"I was happy that he wasn’t suffering but I was really sad at his loss. Because he was a really kind and wonderful person who cared about the community and the environment around us all," Nikki Ikonomopolous, Port Aransas Wildlife Magazine Owner said.

Ikonomopolous was not extremely close with Grosse, but she met him through her magazine and their shared passion for conservation and nature.

“He also donated a large piece of land that he had acquired through his life to the Port Aransas Conservancy," Ikonomopolous said.

Many Port Aransas residents describe Grosse as a positive light in the community and they say that he left a lasting legacy in the Coastal Bend.

A Facebook post by the Port Aransas Conservancy said "Mark Grosse was a true conservationist. We are saddened to hear of his passing. In one of his final acts, he donated land to Port Aransas Conservancy to protect our cherished Coastal Bend. Thank you, Mark."

In addition, because of Grosse's generosity, the Port Aransas Art Center will be able to expand their facility soon.

"The Port Aransas Art Center is deeply saddened by the passing of Mark Grosse. Mark's presence and contributions to our community were truly invaluable. His unwavering kindness and generosity touched the lives of many, leaving a lasting impression on all who had the privilege of knowing him. Mark's passionate support for the arts was evident in everything he did, and his dedication to fostering creativity and expression within our community will be greatly missed," A Facebook post by the Port Aransas Art Center said.

Aside from his contributions to local organizations, friends and acquaintances say that Grosse was always positive and uplifting towards others, no matter what he was going through in his own life.

“Anybody’s description of Mark has always been with a happy smile and a positive light. I think his impact will be felt for generations," Ikonomopolous said.

Details on a celebration of life for Mark Grosse will be released at a future date.

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