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Auto shops see uptick of drivers ahead of registration deadline

Posted at 6:11 PM, Apr 13, 2021
and last updated 2021-04-13 21:57:02-04

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — Governor Abbott’s temporary waiver that suspended registration renewal requirements for vehicles within the state ends Wednesday, April 14.

According to a deadline chart by the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles, after April 14, law enforcement may begin issuing citations to drivers without a current registration sticker or current registration receipt.

“There is no grace period after the April 14, 2021 deadline,” the document notes.

That deadline has led to a sharp increase of people trying to make last-minute inspections to their vehicle.

“We’ve experienced quite a bit of increase in volume in our inspections right now,” said Steve Olmeda, who manages an Exxon auto repair shop at the corner of South Alameda Street and Airline Road. “On a normal basis we’re doing quite a bit — but today and yesterday — and for this whole week, for the most part, so far right now we’ve been bombarded with them.”

Olmeda said he’s had as many as four employees specifically working on inspections during business hours. Some other projects have needed to take the backseat as a result, he said.

“For everybody that waited ‘till the last minute, we’re taking that hit — we’re pulling guys off some jobs of course to try and clear off the people as quick as I possibly can,” Olmeda said. “We’re doing our part to try and get everybody in and out as quick as possible. I mean — that’s all we can really do right now, it’s just try to keep up with the demand.”

Even though auto shops don’t profit from performing inspections directly, Olmeda said overall, the sudden increase can be a good thing.

“It does help out,” he said. “On a normal basis, this is kind of our slow month, we get kind of slow during the mid-month, so by having the deadline on the (14th), It’s helping out business, and increasing in volume on inspections and stuff like that, and we’ll take what we can.”

Those with the proper documentation including proof of inspection can go to a county tax office or a local HEB to renew your vehicle registration.

Alternatively, you can also renew your registration online.

The deadline to renew an expired driver's license is April 14th as well. To find out if you can renew your license online click here.