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Aransas Pass conducts tire take-back event

Aransas Pass conducts tire take-back event
Posted at 8:15 PM, Aug 01, 2020
and last updated 2020-08-02 00:03:37-04

A massive amount of illegally dumped tires assuredly are an eyesore for many Aransas Pass homeowners.

It's enough to make Aransas Pass Code Enforcement officers stage a tire take-back event.

Area residents parked their vehicles and trailers, emptying them of unwanted tires that will be cleared and hauled out of the city.

“The illegal part, it makes it look really bad the whole community looks bad when you have this stuff piled up everywhere,” Aransas Pass resident Patty Dunn said.

Living near a vacant lot, long-time Aransas Pass resident Dunn says that many tires are dumped illegally. Finally, enough is enough, she said.

"It gets really frustrating because it looks really bad, so I usually go and pick them up,” she said.

Aransas Pass Code enforcement officers say the biggest challenge for staging the event was finding sponsorship.

The event was postponed by a week because of Hurricane Hanna last weekend before it was staged on Saturday.

Residents say the free event will provide an opportunity to beautify Aransas Pass.

“Take advantage of the cleanup and the free services and help beautify the community,” resident Diana Morales said.

Aransas Pass Code Enforcement officials say the goal was to haul about eight tons of tires out of the city.

“I want it to look clean, I want other people to have pride in where they live," Dunn said. "And if it helps by one tire at a time, maybe that will rub off on someone else to do the same."