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Aransas Pass Animal Control seeking community-wide donations

Aransas Pass Animal Control seeking community-wide donations
Posted at 7:36 PM, Oct 25, 2020
and last updated 2020-10-25 20:36:01-04

Supplies at the Aransas Pass animal shelter are running low.

Officers with the Aransas Pass Animal Control are seeking donations from the community that will held with everyday operations of the facility.

The facility is packed with 15 kennels with two City of Aransas Pass officers to manage the center. Supplies such as food, leashes, beds and disinfectants like soap, bleach and hand sanitizer desperately are needed.

“We’re constantly touching animals all day," Aransas Pass senor animal control officer Deanna Gates said. "You'd be surprised the kind of diseases animals carry. So, if we have access to the hand soap and hand sanitizer it just makes our job a lot easier."

Gates says she realizes the ongoing pandemic can take a toll on community-wide donations.

“I understand with COVID everyone is struggling," she said. "I mean our population has doubled you. It's odd this time of year. It's not the season for us to be picking up dogs every single day."

Animal control says anything helps and will go toward assisting the many animals who need a forever home.

“You ordered something online and it’s not the right thing, drop it off at public works we’ll take it," Gates said. "We don't complain as long as our dogs get fed and they’re happy and their bellies get rubbed we’re content."

In Aransas Pass, members of the Chamber of Commerce will host a chamber appreciation day to help support the animal control from 10:30 a.m. to 1:00 pm on Nov. 7 at the Aransas Pass Civic Center, 700 West Wheeler Ave.