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Alice Police ask for public's help stopping vandalism at popular park

Alice Police ask for public's help stopping vandalism at popular park
Posted at 9:06 AM, Oct 15, 2021

ALICE, Texas — Sometime this week, vandals entered the men's restroom at the popular Anderson Park in Alice.

When they walked out, they left behind a damaged sink and toilet that the city's top cop says will cost around $1,000 to repair.

And Alice Police Chief Eden Garcia says the park has actually seen vandalism several times this year.

“It’s not just the restrooms," he said. "It’s the playground equipment for our kids that are being destroyed. They’re stealing. Those are the kinds of things we’re seeing out there, and it’s a shame."

Park goers aren't happy about the vandalism either.

Vicky Acevedo hopes something is done to stop it.

“That’s not right," she said. "I mean maybe they can put cameras up or something, make sure they find out who’s doing it."

Garcia says the city is considering cameras for the park.

He also plans to fill the now-vacant park monitor position.

That person would check for suspicious activity in the park in the hours leading up to police officers locking the bathrooms at night.

But he's also calling on the community to report suspicious activity in the park.

“If you’re out there and you see these things, please report them. It doesn’t take a lot just to pick up your phone, because everybody has a cell phone nowadays," Garcia said. "Please call us. Call the police department."

Non-emergency calls to the Alice Police Department should be made to 361-664-0186.

The restrooms at Anderson Park will remain closed until repairs are made, but the rest of the park remains open.

The city and the police department will pay for the new toilet and sink.

They're considering going with stainless steel as opposed to porcelain.

Garcia says it will likely be more expensive, but it could also be more vandalism-resistant.