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A multi-million dollar bond would make huge changes to Ingleside ISD

Ingleside ISD proposes 32 million dollar bond
Posted at 7:53 PM, Apr 26, 2021

INGLESIDE, Texas — Over at the Ingleside Independent School District, a multi-million dollar bond project will create huge upgrades to their campuses if passed.

For Ingleside High School senior Joshua McGlothlin, engineering is his passion, and making a living in this field as a career is his goal.

“We do a lot of mechanical engineering taking stuff apart figuring out how it works putting it back together and we do a lot of electrical diagrams and which will help my electrical engineering degree later in life,’ said McGlothlin.

Junior Savanna Montgomery loved to cook with her grandmother as the two would help feed their family members together. Ingleside High school offers a culinary program with high-tech tools and resources that you could even find in a restaurant.

“It does like help you to learn how to cook foods maybe like your parents used to cook something you wanna try to cook later on but you don’t know how, you can always try it in class,” said Montgomery.

These two students say they wouldn’t have benefitted from these programs if previous bonds weren’t passed. Saturday is Election Day and for IISD 32 million dollars are on the table. If passed, the bond will create a new two-story wing at the Leon Taylor Junior High School and will move the 6th graders to the campus.

“A lot of school districts have certain things in their campuses we want to be able to provide that for our students but then also ensure viability to keep those classes going and allowing those other students from those other districts to come in as well,” said Superintendent Ingleside ISD Troy Mircovich.

The bond will also add a career and technology center with welding stations, tools, classrooms, and more. Administrators say the goal is to get students thinking about their future.

“We want to make sure that they have that opportunity to know what is available to them and then be able to pursue those things in high schools they can make those decisions now and not make those decisions later when it might cost them more money to do so,” said Mircovich.

Leaders with Ingleside ISD also say if passed it will have a slight increase in taxes for residents in the amount of 5.44 cents.