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A community altar at school

Taft High School celebrates Dia de los Muertos
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Posted at 9:29 PM, Nov 02, 2022
and last updated 2022-11-02 23:35:56-04

CORPUS CHRISITI, Texas — Taft High School held its own Dia de Los Muertos event today.

Students had the opportunity to choose either a family member, friend, or celebrity who inspires and motivates them to honor on the school's community altar.

After choosing a person to honor, several students wrote letters in specially-made stationery to the deceased and printed photographs to include with their letters.

Cecilia Hanna, the English I Educator and Student Council Sponsor at Taft High School, said the vent was needed after the COVID-19 pandemic because the Taft community was hit particularly hard.

"We wanted to honor that ad to recognize that, especially with Dia de Los Muertos," Hanna said. "Let this be a time to come together as a family, and to heal, and again to honor our past and celebrate our future."

This is the first time Taft High School has created a community altar for Dia de Los Muertos, and educators hope to make it an annual event.