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The inspiration behind Loli's Streatery food truck

Posted at 7:04 PM, Mar 08, 2023

With a sibling bond like no other, Sabrina Lozano and Sarah Flores share more than just childhood memories. They own a Tex-Mex themed food truck called Loli's Streatery.

The name was inspired by their late grandmother Loli, who they said loved to make all kinds of food.

"She was super influential — she was a huge part of our lives. I have a lot of fond memories with her. She passed when I was eight. She was just a huge inspiration so the name was perfect," Lozano said.

Flores added how Loli was a strong and powerful woman and pushed them to be the same. The sisters also shared how their mom, sister, aunts and other grandma Chachi, guided them in the right direction.

Loli's Streatery opened in 2021 and since then, has quickly became a local favorite. Lozano is a full-time nurse and mom, while Flores is a full-time student.

Unlike most, weekends do not mean relaxing for these two. Customers can find them on weekends at various locations throughout Corpus Christi and on Wednesdays at the Artesian Farmers Market on Shoreline Blvd.

"We do have a lot of other obligations, but I mean that energy of people seeing something different and really enjoying it, coming back, and telling us they love it — that positive energy keeps us going at the end of the day," Flores said.

Aside from working the truck, the sisters create their entire menu and advertise on their own. They hope to grow what they have been doing for the past two years, and also inspire other girls of doing the same.

"We don't have anything to prove, but we want to prove to everybody that we are women," Flores said. "We can do it, we're strong, we know what we're doing, we're able to do this and we feel like we're doing a really good job at it. As women, we're rocking it and we feel like we're excited about that."