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9-year old publishes two books during pandemic

Captain Paws and Captain Paws Attack of the Robocat 2000s
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Posted at 4:25 AM, Mar 15, 2021
and last updated 2021-03-15 12:16:26-04

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — 9-year old Evelyn James from the Coastal Bend is a published author after writing two books during the pandemic.

The third-grader at Incarnate Word Academy says her first book was inspired by her rescue dog, Rocky.

“It is called Captain Paws, and it is about a stray dog who gets zapped and turns into a super dog,” James said.

The second, inspired by her classmate's cat, is entitled Captain Paws and Captain Paws Attack of the Robocat 2000s.

Evelyn's parents are both teachers who are busy transitioning their classes to online learning at the start of the pandemic.

“She kind of told me about her process because I asked her how did she go about writing her book," said her mother, Suraida Nanez James. "Because honestly, I didn’t know she was writing it." said Evelyn’s mom, Suraida Nanez James.

Evelyn said she decided to write a book to entertain herself.

“My greatest ideas and inventions come from when I’m not watching TV or reading a book,” she said.

Evelyn said because she didn’t have anyone to do the illustrations, she drew the pictures in her book herself.

“But there’s different ways you can write a book," she said. "In the back of the book, I have my process I used."

Evelyn's mom says that any child can employ her daughter's framework to write a book.

“The kids, anyone can try to go through that process and then also figure a way to tell their story,” Nanez-James said.

The back of Evelyn’s books is a special place she says for the kids her age to do three things.

“Read, imagine and create,” said James.

To purchase her first book, visit here.

And to purchase her second book, visit here.