Local woman leaves her mail carriers a treat to beat the heat

Posted at 5:31 PM, Jun 10, 2019
and last updated 2019-06-10 18:35:11-04


Like clockwork Elizabeth Wilson sets out two water bottles every morning for her mail man.

“I keep an eye out for him because they’re out there in the elements right now,” said Wilson.

Her daughter Stacy Taylor was at work when she received a notification on her cell phone that someone was at her front door.

“I see my mother open the front door and she’s carrying two water bottles and she stuffs them in the mailbox,” said Taylor. “I’m wondering ‘why is she doing this’.”

About 15 minutes pass by, Stacy receives another notification but this time it’s the mailman.

“He pulls them both out and then I see him blow her a kiss as saying thank you,” said Taylor.

Stacy says that for the past 40 years, her mother has been serving cold water to the mail carriers who work her route, not because she must but because she knows how miserable the heat can be.

“Back in the 80’s she used to remind us to get water to give to the mailman because they work out side in the elements where we get to take shelter inside with the A/C,” said Taylor.

Wilson says the treats she sets out for the mail carriers aren’t’ just for the summer months though.

When my daughters were in diapers I would keep an eye out in them in the winter time I’d ask them if they’re like a hot coco,” said Wilson.

Jimmy Mendez, who’s been working this family’s route for the past 6 months says anytime someone leaves water out for him, it’s greatly appreciated.

Some days you just feel really dehydrated and we just hope that one of these houses has waters,” said Mendez.

As for Wilson, she says she’ll continue to set water out for the mail carriers for as long as she can.

“God bless all the mailmen here in Corpus,” said Wilson.