FREE Class teaches people how to stop someone from bleeding to death, ‘Stop the Bleed’ Campaign

Posted at 5:50 PM, May 23, 2019
and last updated 2019-05-23 18:50:08-04

Today is National Stop the Bleed Day. The goal is to get people trained on how to properly save a life in the case of an emergency.

Learning how to stop someone’s wound from bleeding out is as important as learning CPR.

A person can bleed out in as little as three minutes depending on their injury, according to Karen Beard, injury prevention chair of the Coastal Bend Regional Advisory Council.

But, knowing how to stop the bleeding can ultimately save someone’s life.

“If there was an active shooter in a situation EMS cannot come in and help anyone until police say the scene is safe and meanwhile bleeding out is a preventable death,” said Beard.

Beard says in most emergencies, bystanders are the first on scene.

“There’s hunting, there’s fishing, a lot of remote areas where someone can have a deep wound,” said Beard.

So, it’s important for the public to get special training. May is Stop the Bleed Month and the Coastal Bend Regional Advisory Council is offering free ‘Stop the Bleed’ classes to anyone.

“Teaches people how to pack the wound and how to use a tourniquet,” said Beard.

In a case where you don’t have a tourniquet on hand you can use an extension cord, a belt, or even a t-shirt. But learning how to use it properly is also important and that’s why Beard encourages everyone to take the free course

There is also a new statewide campaign to teach students about the importance of saving lives.

“Legislation is pending and about to go to the Governor to have all schools have to have a ‘Stop the Bleed’ kit and personnel trained at all schools in Texas,” said Beard.

To sign up for a free class call the Coastal Bend Regional Advisory Council (361) 929-5401