Local teacher receives hundreds of dollars in school supplies from donors across the country, here’s how

Posted at 6:32 PM, May 21, 2019
and last updated 2019-05-21 19:45:10-04


Teachers are getting free school supplies from generous donors from all over the world thanks to a website.

Today our Brenda Matute introduces us to a Corpus Christi teacher who is taking part in the program.

“Being like a brand new teacher my first year i probably spent over a thousand dollars easily in august alone,” said Rachel Lopez, a 5th grade teacher at Sanders Elementary.

Dishing out lump sums of cash is pretty standard according to Lopez.

“August is when they bring all their school supplies but by december we’re already running out or its lost and no one really provides that so it comes out of your pocket,” said Lopez.

After she heard about , she’s been able to stock her classroom up with nearly $200 worth of supplies 

“Scissors,glue, highlighters and pencils just materials that we need,” said Lopez. allows teachers across the country to create “wish lists” Amazon links.

Each link contains a list of supplies a teacher needs for their classroom and almost like clockwork a generous stranger provides it for them.

“I never thought it would work, I never thought this would work,” said Lopez.

Lopez says she only signed up two weeks ago, and already she’s had 8  boxes of materials  delivered to her school.  Her first box came from as close as Austin, and the farthest came all the way from Hawaii.  

“I have no idea who they are, they’re complete strangers,” said Lopez. now encourages local businesses to join the movement of giving.  The creater of the website writes that as word grows he hopes so will the support for public education.