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Day after talking on Action 10 about homeless and crime, business owner sees progress

Posted at 9:28 PM, May 21, 2019
and last updated 2019-05-21 23:55:33-04

One day after Bob Redding appeared on Action 10 News, to shed light on crime that happens along the street where his businesses are and the mess he says a homeless campsite causes, he says he’s encouraged by Tuesday’s developments.

“We’ve talked to all of our neighbors, and we’re very proud and very encouraged,” Redding said.

The pride and encouragement stem from the appearance of construction workers at the work site Redding says blocks traffic from passing by his businesses and in turn gives the homeless a place to sleep and thieves vulnerable buildings to break into. Redding says he’s seen the site go days without any workers and therefore any progress.

“It’s all been a big improvement,” Redding said about the crew working at the site Tuesday. “Let’s just see how long it lasts.”

The site is the intersection of Staples Street and Antelope Street. It’s closed as workers construct a new bridge for Staples to go over Interstate 37. This project is part of the much larger efforts to construct a new Harbor Bridge. Today the company overseeing that work said that the Staples bridge should be complete and the intersection affecting Redding’s businesses reopened by late summer.

Redding is also encouraged by what he called an increased police presence along Antelope Street at the construction site.

“Police presence has been fantastic,” Redding said. “They’ve done everything that we’ve asked them to do.”