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Connie Hagar Cottage Sanctuary Pavilion opens

Posted at 5:35 PM, May 17, 2019
and last updated 2019-05-17 18:52:50-04

Tomorrow you can have coffee with the “First Lady of Texas Birders”…sort of.  This morning, local leaders cut the ribbon at the “Connie Hagar Cottage Sanctuary Pavilion” – a great place to walk or ride a bike.

Tomorrow at the same location in Rockport is the “Coffee with Connie” event.  Hagar may have died in 1973, but this event has been held each year for the past ten years to honor her legacy.  The Aransas County Historical Commission says there are lessons in that legacy.

“We think Connie is a really good model for women and girls today, because she was willing to do something that only men were doing at the time,” said Pam Stranahan, Aransas County Historical Commission, “In the 30s and 40s there were no women who were considered ornithologists, so she really stepped into that field.”

Hagar may have been a bird expert, but she didn’t seriously take-up the hobby until she was almost 50-years-old.  She was so taken by the birds she saw while vacationing in Rockport, she urged her husband to move them there.  And he did.