Two sisters say a sale promotion caused them a mattress mix up

Posted at 5:29 PM, May 13, 2019
and last updated 2019-05-15 18:12:44-04

Holly Thompson and Linda Murphy are sisters, the two live in Port Aransas and after Hurricane Harvey they lost several of their large furniture items

“Our mattress had really bad mold and mildew,” said Holly Thompson.

Last August they headed to Rooms-To-Go to purchase a brand-new queen mattress.

“This nice heavy mattress and we got up on it felt really good and we thought this is the one we want,” said Thompson. “And it was $999.”

Through a Rooms-To-Go promotion the sisters were able to walk away with two mattresses for just over $1000.

“He pulled up this little pad and he said well this one is buy one get one free,” said Thompson.

They gave one mattress away to a friend who had also lost their furniture in the hurricane, and kept the other to put in their trailer home.

But not even nine months in, they claim the mattress began to sink.

Her side of the bed you can see it when you look at it its slanted down so what’s going on,” said Thompson. “And then mine started slanting down and the service tech said her whole side had blown out and it was a defective mattress.”

Rooms-To-Go confirmed the mattress was in fact defective, but the two encountered another issue when they tried to get a replacement.

“We finally watched one that was really nice and really comfortable and was $100 less and we thought ok we’ll do them a solid and then they went back to the office and when they came back they said ‘oh no that’s going to cost you $400 something,” said Thompson. “And I said what do you mean and they said well you got 2 beds so we split it down so you’re only going to get $300 something back on the one mattress.”

We contacted Rooms-To-Go inquiring on why their ‘buy one get one free’ offer would affect the value of the mattress that the sisters bought, and they told us it was a misunderstanding.

“She’ll get full value for the one,” said Kerri Otis, director of Care Center Operations. “It’s just in how we distributed the funds originally for the promotion they’re not distributing it correctly in her reselection so I will take care of that.”

The sisters are scheduled to choose and pick up a new mattress in the next coming days.