Card skimmers found at local gas station pumps

Posted at 5:18 PM, May 10, 2019
and last updated 2019-05-10 23:14:10-04

Card skimmers are an inconspicuous way for criminals to make an easy buck off of your hard earned money.

“This is actually the second time that those types of skimmers have been found within this area,” said Beeville Chief of Police Robert Bridges.

Bridges says they have found one too many of them at their gas stations.

“Special equipment to be able to access the machines,” Bridges.

He says some skimmers are easily detectable because they’re just magnetic attachments that people can easily remove if they wiggle the card reader.

“I will tug on the reader to make sure,” said Bridges. “I’ve gotten into the habit of making sure that it’s attached properly if its flush then we know that it has not been tampered with,” said Bridges.

However, there are the more sophisticated ones, and those are the ones that usually end up costing consumers money.

“We need to make sure to always review our statements because sometimes people don’t do it and a few months later they realize it and maybe it’s too late to be able to track it down,” said Bridges

Bridges says one way to minimize the damage that can be done by card skimmers is to use a prepaid gift card when pumping gas, especially if you’re traveling.

“I use a gas card itself and that one does not allow purchases of other types of items,” said Bridges.

Also, constantly checking your bank card statements will keep you on top of any unauthorized transactions.

Chief bridges says often times the people who install card skimmers are caught because of surveillance video. He recommends pumping gas in a well lit area and preferably a 24-hour gas station.