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Heavy rain expected but the carnival goes on

Posted at 10:46 PM, May 09, 2019
and last updated 2019-05-09 23:46:27-04

Buc Days officials huddled with Corpus Christi’s Emergency Operations Center and other agencies Thursday trying to determine if impending bad weather should force the postponement or cancellation of any remaining Buc Days events.

“Obviously we always want to monitor the weather situation,” said Buccaneer Committee President and CEO Johnny Philipello.

They decided to allow the carnival to maintain its normal hours Thursday night, but they monitored radar ready to close down the carnival and evacuate if storms dictated them to do so.

“[Carnival-goers] understand,” Philipello said. “It is what it is with the weather, and you can’t control Mother Nature.”

The threat of rain didn’t deter hundreds of people from enjoying the second and final Dollar Thursday at the Buc Day Carnival. Admission costs $1 and all rides cost the same. While those nights have been profitable, iffy weather has made this year’s carnival an average year financially.

“We’ve done OK on attendance,” Philipello said. “The weather has not been our friend this year, but despite that we’ve had good turnouts so far. Hopefully we can have another big weekend, and Mother Nature changes her way of thinking for the forecast at least.”