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Local childcare center shut down after state finds numerous violations

Posted at 4:36 PM, May 08, 2019
and last updated 2019-05-08 19:22:52-04


The Texas Health and Human Services Commission has shut down a day care center after finding dozens of violations, including information that staff members have hit children.

The Texas Health and Human Services Commission shut down Kinder Town on Tuesday.

The H.H.S.C. shut down Coastal Bend Childcare 4 Kinder Town at 7017 South Staples Street, near Lipes Boulevard yesterday.

According to an H.H.S.C. letter obtained by Action 10 News, the facility was placed on “corrective action” on March 27, allowing the center time to address discrepancies. The center failed to remedy several of the violations that were reported.

The violations were put in place a day after state inspectors visited the facility. During the March 26 visit, inspectors found the staff wasn’t properly trained to work with children.

Another report taken during that visit said the employees weren’t able to control the children. According to the report, children move from one part of the facility to another area without regular supervision. It stated, “One child climbed a shelf and was walking on top of the shelf. One child was riding a toy in the kitchen area and not listening to any re-direction screaming when removed from the toy. Several children were seen hitting each other and running around pushing and pulling each other. Children were observed lying under two cribs. Children were heard yelling (during) the entire inspection.”

During that same inspection, two staff members were asked how many children they were caring for and they didn’t know. One member claimed she came in during nap time.

The report went on to say: “An inspector observed two toddlers sitting between a crib and a shelf playing with vomit. One child had vomited and it was on their mouth. Children were not properly supervised and not cleaned until inspector addressed it with the staff. One staff was observed taking baby wipes to clean the child with vomit but the other child was not observed having their hands washed.”

Day care employees were able to turn everything around two weeks later when state inspectors returned for a follow-up inspection. A report taken on April 15 states all employees knew how many children they were caring for and the staff had control of the children.

The state found staff members were hitting kids if they didn’t behave.

“Based on the information gathered during the course of the investigation, there is sufficient information to validate that staff have hit children with their hand when the children do not behave,” the report said.

The state also says Kinder Town 4 received 135 violations in the past two years. According to documents, the facility’s Chief Executive Officer is Tone Johnson Jr. and the director’s name is Geraldine Johnson.

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