Residents say a brand new walkway is causing flooding, impeding access to an overpass

Posted at 6:37 PM, May 07, 2019

“The project is not really complete,” said Scott Fortney, who lives next to the overpass.

Fortney has lived off the edge of IH-37, on Stillman Avenue, for 19 years. He says for the most part it’s been a calm area. But that has changed. He says the construction of a new overpass near his neighborhood has caused more problems than solutions for residents.

“Water is coming off of the top of the pedestrian walkway,” said Fortney.

Besides the noise and trembling from the construction Fortney says he and his neighbors can hardly use the new overpass. He says the walkway is constantly flooded, and unless he wears boots there’s no way to get through the walkway dry.

Stagnant water with mosquitoes and other larvae and stuff,” said Fortney. “There needs to be some piping or something that needs to be fixed.”

The overpass is an extension of the harbor bridge project.

“We have seen the water that is there, yes,” said Lorrette Williams. “Off of IH-37 it’s typically a lower lying area.”

According to Williams they have been made aware of complaints of flooding, but whether there is a solution is still being determined.