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Driver escapes close call after he says his truck was struck by lightning crossing Oso Bridge

Posted at 5:44 PM, May 03, 2019


Today’s storm brought some lightning, leading to a pretty close call for one driver on the Oso Bridge.

It’s something no one wants to experience, especially someone driving a brand new Ford Raptor.

David Amar was headed into town driving his brand new truck over the bridge when he says lightning struck his pickup this morning.

He served his country in the Middle East and says he’s seen a lot of terrifying things. But this was a close second.

“I was in the middle lane and all of the sudden came blue stuff hit my car and my car stopped,” Amar said. “There started to be smoke so I jumped out of the car and the car was driving by itself so I stopped all the traffic so they didn’t hit me because they couldn’t see anything.

“I tried to go back to the car to put on the light but nothing would work.”

According to one first responder, the truck was fried and smelled like burnt electronics.

Amar is still waiting on his insurance company to determine whether or not the truck is totaled and what he can do from here

So the best advice here?

Stay off the roads during storms – if possible.