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Vacation website ranks Port Aransas Beach among top 10 best family beaches

Posted at 8:39 PM, Apr 30, 2019
and last updated 2019-04-30 23:27:06-04

Family Vacation Critic, an offshoot of bargain-travel website Trip Advisor, list Port Aransas Beach among its Ten Best Family Beaches for 2019. It comes as no surprise to some of the beach’s loyal visitors.

“Quick, easy getaway, always nice, friendly people, beaches – especially during the weekday – are empty,” beachgoer William Lucas said.

The Port Aransas Chamber of Commerce and Visitors Bureau has some other words to describe the city’s beach which withstood Hurricane Harvey remarkably well compared to the rest of the community.

“We know here in Port A that we have some of the most amazing, beautiful, spacious, sandy beaches anywhere in the world, and more and more people are finding out about it,” Chamber President and CEO Jeffrey Hentz said.

Hentz says he and other local leaders, because of the resiliency the beach showed during and after Harvey, went to great lengths to market Port Aransas Beach throughout the state, country, and even world.

“It allowed us to get that key tourism asset back quicker than a lot of our other tourism assets that have been down.”

While those other assets recover, beachgoers continue to enjoy their time in the sand and sun. Family Vacation Critic heaped the most praise on the ease of camping on Port Aransas Beach. Camper J.R. Morgan says he knows that they’re talking about.

“It’s kind of do what you want when you want, and how you want to do it,” Morgan said. “That’s neat you know.”

Lucas and his family are not camping on Port Aransas Beach, but they are enjoying many of its other aspects.

Beach, fun, mermaids, kids get to play in the sand,” Lucas said. “What better place to do it?”

Lucas’s 6-year-old daughter Lill was buried to her waist in sand with a mermaid tail crated from sand extending from her as her dad spoke.