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Coastal Bender is sure to get you “Having Fun All Wrong”

Posted at 12:40 AM, Apr 10, 2019
and last updated 2019-04-10 01:40:50-04

Today the American Bank Center announced the details for the inaugural Coastal Bender.

The new fishing tournament will be hosted by Corpus Christi native and Texas music artist, Roger Creager, and the American Bank Center.  This special event is taking place August 1st through August 4th. In addition to the fishing tournament, there will also be an outdoor expo, South Texas barbecue and a big concert featuring none other than Roger Creager.

“Doing a fishing tournament and talk about a no-brainer, it’s a natural fit, and then pairing it with Corpus Christi is a home run,” said Roger Creager, “I mean, my hometown, me getting to fish, and getting to be in my hometown for three days, I mean…greatest gig ever.”

The fun will be held downtown along Shoreline between the American Bank Center and the barge dock.  More details about the event will follow.