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Bird rescue in need of volunteers in order to expand

Posted at 7:46 PM, Apr 04, 2019

Wings Rescue in Rockport, an organization that says they saved the lives of more than 500 birds just last year, is putting out the call for volunteers to help them complete two expansion projects they say will help them take care of even more birds.

“We’re excited,” Wings Rescue founder and president Kay Adams said. “Now it’s just a matter of getting it all done.”

What she wants to get done are a new building and a so-called raptor cage. The new building got new flooring on Thursday and is three times the size of the rescue’s current building. A raptor cage is an enclosure that will allow the rescue to get a permit to care for raptors like owls and hawks.

Even without the expansion, Wings Rescue says it’s treated hundreds of birds in it’s three years of existence.

“Anything from hummingbirds, great blues, pelicans, and everything in between,” Adams said.

Surprisingly, despite being near ground zero for Hurricane Harvey, the rescue did not receive much damage. Adams and her volunteers evacuated ahead of the storm with all of the birds in tow.

“During the evacuation I was actually feeding birds at the same time in stop and go traffic,” she said.

That’s an example of how dedicated Adams is to saving the lives of birds, something she and her crew do without pay.

“We’re totally non-profit,” she said. “None of us get paid anything.”

If you’d like to join them as a volunteer at Wings Rescue, you can reach out to Adams directly. Her email address is and you can call her at 512-784-8223.