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Spring Break halftime economic impact update

Posted at 10:33 PM, Mar 13, 2019
and last updated 2019-03-13 23:33:50-04

The Corpus Christi Downtown Management District defines this year’s Spring Break as between Friday and this coming Sunday. Half way through that time period, some businesses are reporting bumps in sales while sales are down for at least one.

“This year, I’m sorry to say, is one of the slowest years,” Karim Hamid, owner of Fun Time Rentals said.

Hamid’s says his hardships are not a sign that tourism is down. His business rents out jet skis, paddle boats, and four-wheeled bicycles. That’s why he blames Mother Nature for his slow start to tourist season.

“The only reason that we didn’t have that much business is because of the wind, the weather, the cold, the cold temperatures,” Hamid said.

Things are heating up just up from the bayfront from Hamid. The Waterstreet, Ltd. restaurants Executive Surf Club and Water Street Oyster Bar report increases in sales since Spring Break began.

“We’re looking about eight-percent up,” Waterstreet Director of Operations Richard Lomax said. “So, it looks like a bunch of people are down here and enjoying the new and improved Downtown Corpus Christi and the growing Downtown Corpus Christi.”

The newly blended Casarez family from the San Antonio-area are some of the people visiting Corpus Christi during Spring Break.

“It’s our first [vacation] together,” Daniel Casarez said. “Overall, it’s just a good time.”

The family-of-three rented a paddle boat from Hamid and enjoyed the nice weather Wednesday at Corpus Christi Harbor.

“Pretty much just sightseeing,” Casarez said. “Got on the beach yesterday.”

Hamid is hopeful the weather stays fair for the remainder of Spring Break, so his business can get back on track like the Waterstreet duo of restaurants.

“It’s beautiful to see sunshine,” Hamid said. “It’s beautiful.”

“We’re a seasonal market, and I think everyone in Corpus, but Downtown Corpus in particular, is affected by it,” Lomax said. “We see a 33 percent upswing and a 33 percent downswing in and out of season.”