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Retired CCPD Officer Tommy Cabello violates bond

Posted at 12:57 PM, Mar 06, 2019
and last updated 2019-03-06 18:48:18-05


District Court Judge Inna Klein has ruled retired Corpus Christi Police Department Officer Tommy Cabello has violated his bond and ordered him to move out of his girlfriend’s home in the next 72 hours.

Cabello is out on bond after being accused of taking part in a domestic disturbance with his estranged wife at her home in Robstown in November.

Judge Inna Klein called for an emergency hearing for this morning after learning that Cabello is living with his fiancee, CCPD Officer Norma Deleon.

Norma DeLeon has been charged with inappropriately representing herself as a public servant while attempting to conduct a welfare check. (Nueces County Sheriff’s Department)

DeLeon was recently arrested for impersonating a Child Protective Services worker.

Prosecutor Reynaldo Pena said on November 29, Deleon went to harass the father of Cabello‘s niece. He also said Deleon is a witness in a separate incident involving Cabello and his estranged wife.

“There’s evidence in this case from a statement we have that his fiancee, girlfriend, Miss Deleon was involved with him in trying to run (unnamed victim) in this case off the road, one time. That’s recent. That’s last year. She’s going to be a witness in this case. So, that’s another issue that we have. She’s going to be a witness in this case,” Pena said.

One of Cabello‘s pre-trial conditions is to avoid people with harmful character.

Cabello‘s attorney Nathan Burkett said even though Deleon was under indictment, that’s no evidence of guilty. He asked the judge that Cabello be allowed to remain in the same home as Deleon.

In the end, Judge Klein ruled Cabello violated his bond and ordered him to move out of Deleon‘s home within three days.