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Congressman speaks in Corpus Christi about the dangers of toxic military burn pits

Posted at 5:52 PM, Feb 23, 2019

Congressman Joaquin Castro spoke at an event in Corpus Christi regarding the health risks of toxic military burn pits.  This was the final stop on a three day Texas tour for the congressman and a non-profit called “Burn Pits 360.”

Castro recently introduced two measures that would assist veterans who have been negatively affected by exposure to the harmful burn pits. He wants the Veterans Affairs Clinic to have the funding they need to research the problem and solutions, and he is confident that lawmakers on both sides of the aisle will help the bill get passed.

“One of the important elements is making sure that the research is conducted to solidify that link between burn pit exposure and the medical conditions that our veterans are facing.” Castro said, “So we are going to have legislation in this Congress that will also make sure that that research is fully funded and so I’m hopeful for that as well.”

The Veterans Affairs Clinic is currently researching affected veterans.