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Covered basketball courts set to open next month, highlight ‘active’ push

Posted at 10:41 PM, Feb 05, 2019
and last updated 2019-02-05 23:41:49-05

Corpus Christi wants you to be active and healthy and the covered basketball courts set to open next month in Water’s Edge Park are the latest example.

“Fulton Construction made a donation to the Texas A-and-M Corpus Christi University system,” Corpus Christi Parks and Recreation Department Superintendent Lisa Oliver said. “Those funds were in turn donated for park improvements at the Water’s Edge. So, what you’re seeing now will be referred to as Islander Pavilion.”

Water’s Edge includes McGee Beach which is set to get a sand volleyball court. There’s also a playground, workout equipment, and a popular dog park.

“I really enjoy it,” dog owner Calista Murray said. “I like the dog park a lot. It’s good.”

“The dog park is really nice,” dog owner Shelby Fincher said. “We come a lot.”

A third dog owner wasn’t as enthusiastic about the dog park, disappointed it only came about recently.

“They’re a little late,” Courtney Oliphint said. “I think they could have made it a little larger, but hey, it’s still a positive step forward.”

Lifetime Corpus Christi residents Victor and Jessica Villa agree that Water’s Edge Park is a positive step for the city.

“When I was a teenager, we’d come down here and just walk up and down [the Seawall], which at that point was really all there was to do,” Jessica Villa said. “There’s more to do now.”

“I like the changes we’re making to the city,” Victor Villa added. “I’ve seen a lot more people out and about than I used to, like when I was in high school, when we were younger.”

Parks and recreation leaders hope for more positive reviews like those as they continue to add attractions to the 190 parks in the city.

“Studies have shown that enjoying the outdoors, even for just ten minutes a day, will do much to improve, not only your physical, but also your mental well-being as well,” Oliver said.