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Corpus Christi reacts to javelina sighting downtown

Posted at 10:36 PM, Jan 31, 2019
and last updated 2019-01-31 23:36:45-05

While walking to work Thursday morning in Downtown Corpus Christi, Monica Sawyer spotted something at the corner of Chaparral and Peoples Streets she couldn’t believe.

“I actually saw them across the street and thought they were dogs,” Sawyer said.

They weren’t. The three furry animals were javalinas.

“It was very exciting,” Sawyer said. “I was looking around for some farmer or a crazy person that had let them out.”

Someone capturing the javelinas in a rural area and releasing them is one theory as to how they wound up downtown, but the Texas Parks and Wildlife Game Warden for Nueces and San Patricio County thinks they may have just come on their own.

“They could have come from as far east as the base or the island and maybe went greenbelt to greenbelt,” Cpt. Ben Baker said. “Or maybe they came from the west and came from those greenbelts out there.”

But those are just guesses. Even the game warden doesn’t know for sure how the javelinas got to Downtown Corpus Christi.

“In all honesty, we have no idea where they came from,” Cpt. Baker said.

While it’s unknown where they came from, we do have a general idea of where they are now. Game wardens and the Corpus Christi animal control were able to use a snare and their bare hands to catch the javelinas and release them at an undisclosed, rural location.

Sawyer recorded video of the javelinas that’s gone viral, and people are reacting to it with great surprise.

“Oh my God!” Corpus Christi resident Ross Hathaway said while watching the video for the first time. “Somebody must have dropped them off.”

“That’s crazy!” resident Jeanene Malveaux said. “How did they even get here.”

That truly is the question of the day.