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Nonprofit helping to reduce euthanizations at Aransas County Animal Shelter

Posted at 10:31 PM, Jan 21, 2019
and last updated 2019-01-21 23:31:15-05

Doggy Death Row isn’t as crowded at the Aransas County Animal Shelter than at other shelters because of the nonprofit, Another Chance RFT.

“We just started doing this in June of 2016 to help animal control, to assist them in trying to save the dogs,” organization founder Tana Neel said.

Another Chance RFT, the RFT standing for Rockport-Fulton, Texas, says it’s saved more than 800 dogs since the organization formed in June of 2016.

“They have actually helped us reduce the euthanasia rate very significantly since 2016,” Lead Animal Control Officer for Aransas County Animal Control Ronell Burke said.

In past years, the shelter has had to put down adoptable dogs in order to make room for new arrivals, but Burke says the shelter’s kill rate is down to 3%. That means only 3 out of every 100 dogs that come to the shelter have to be euthanized, and Burke says she’s choosy about the ones she picks.

“Typically speaking, the majority of the ones that are euthanized at his point are highly aggressive, anti-social, very sick or injured at the time of impound,” Burke said.

Neel says that Burke notifies her when an adoptable dog nears the euthanize list. Another Chance then reaches out to its network of animal shelters, rescues, and foster homes across the country and Canada. The nonprofit then arranges a ride, or even at times, a flight for the dog to a location that can accommodate it.

“I’m a dog lover,” Neel said. “We all are. It makes us feel really good to get them out and see them take their freedom ride and then get a follow-up from people sending us pictures and how the dog is in a good home.”

Burke says that selecting and euthanizing dogs that would otherwise make good pets is the most difficult part of her job. It probably explains why she broke down in tears while thanking Neel and Another Chance.

“Without Tana and her folks, it would probably be a lot harder to come to work everyday,” Burke said. “I know that it would, and I don’t think I could ever say thank you enough to her.”

If you’d like to donate to or volunteer with Another Chance RFT, click here.