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Falfurrias mother’s Facebook post about her bullied son goes viral

Posted at 10:20 PM, Nov 15, 2018
and last updated 2018-11-15 23:27:01-05

Falfurrias Junior High School student Daniel Ibarra is left with a gash on his nose and bruising on his face after he says a bully punched him three times during P.E. yesterday.

“I’ll spend a month or so with it being sore,” is what he said doctors told him at the hospital last night. “My nose is going to be a little bit crooked as you can see right now.”

While at the hospital, Daniel’s mother Veneli Ibarra called out the alleged bully on Facebook and posted pictures of her son’s injured face. As of Thursday night, that post had more than 24,000 shares and more than 35,000 reactions.

“He’s my son, and I’m going to defend him the best way I can,” she said.

Veneli Ibarra isn’t just concerned about her son getting bullied. She says she’s talked with Brooks County ISD Superintendent Dr. Maria Rodriguez Casas about the issue, and she hopes to do even more.

“Take measures to make sure that bullying stops in the whole country because there’s a lot of kids committing suicide because of it.”

As for Daniel, he has mixed emotions about returning to school Monday, but he does have a plan if he runs into his bully in the hallways.

“I’ll just ignore him,” he said hopefully. “I’ll just walk away.”