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Port Aransas ISD focuses on Social-Emotional Learning

Posted at 5:42 PM, Nov 14, 2018
and last updated 2018-11-14 18:44:37-05

The after-effects of Hurricane Harvey are still being felt in Port Aransas, 15 months after the storm.

Brundrett Middle School principal James Garret says the stress has affected some of his students.

“More students than usual in our ISS program, which is in school suspension,” says Garrett.

To be proactive, this school year, they are focusing on the social-emotional wellbeing of students.

The district has incorporated Suite 360 into the coursework.

“When they can deal with their emotions in a way that’s responsible and appropriate then they’re able to function in the classroom,” says Garrett.

Every three weeks, students participate in one of the interactive courses.

So far, students have taken lessons on Rules, their Emotional Bank, Note taking, Influence and Bullying.

“It’s not just how we can make a difference in the classroom, but it’s how we can make a difference at home,” says English teacher Trevor Green. “How we can make a difference with the person who is doing the bullying.”

After each session, there’s a discussion where students talk about what they learned and brainstorm solutions to some of the issues.

Garrett says this has opened the door to better communication among students and teachers.

He says these lessons will go beyond the classroom.