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Residents fed up with flooding in Gateway Mobile Home & RV Community

Posted at 6:14 PM, Oct 25, 2018
and last updated 2018-10-25 19:17:01-04

With all the recent rainfall, people living at the Gateway Mobile Home and RV Community on Lexington Blvd are concerned.

They claim every time it rains, as it has over the past couple weeks, their community ends up underwater.

“It’s scary, you have to lay awake at night, afraid the water is going to come in or destroy your property,” says a concerned neighbor who wanted to remain anonymous.

While there is a drainage ditch in the community, it is only a few feet deep. It can handle your average rainfall, but when it pours for hours or even days, it overflows.

Recently, water was so high neighbors were stranded in their homes.

“We probably had 3 feet or so,” says neighbor Dale Enloe. “I had to take a couple people in my truck, and it was over the bottom of the door.”

“People had to roll up their pants, and they have to wave through water, the sewage comes up,” says a concerned neighbor.

But who’s to blame?

Gateway staff says part of the problem is un-even grounds. The businesses in front are on higher grounds, causing the rainfall to flow into their community.

Neighbors say drainage is also a problem; the water has nowhere to go.

“it goes to the back of the property, the front of the property, it sits there for days at a time,” says a concerned neighbor.

One lady is gathering letters from neighbors, hoping to get the cities attention.

“Imagine if we had a hurricane come through here with a lot of rain, you know what happened to Houston, it can very well happen to Corpus,” says Enloe.