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Documentary Film and Petition Hope to Re-Open Local Rapper Murder Case

Posted at 4:30 PM, Oct 24, 2018
and last updated 2018-10-24 17:31:34-04

Local rapper Jose ‘Flatline’ Mendoza, was shot and killed while fishing at the Cos-Way Pier back in 2015.
But the case was dismissed.
Now, more than 3 years later, there is a new development to hopefully get it re-opened.

It was the top story on Action Ten News when it happened.
On or about February 19th 2015, local rapper, avid fisherman, dad, husband, and son, Jose ‘Flatline’ Mendoza was shot and killed while fishing at the Cos-Way Pier.
He was 37.

According to police reports, the main suspect in the case, Jesse Wayne Taylor, turned himself in, claiming self defense.
The case was dismissed.
Mendoza’s family was outraged.

Now, more than 3 years later, the ‘Flatline Conspiracy’, a documentary about the murder, is reviewing the case.
It’s primary purpose, according to Houston filmmaker Frank Lopez, is justice for Flatline.
“Accountability is what we’re after,” Lopez told Action Ten News.

Lopez says he and Mendoza became friends while working on some of Flatline’s music videos.
“This guy is different. This guy is very different from all the other artists that I’ve worked with,” Lopez recalled.
He also told us Mendoza’s family asked him to speak for them for this story.

In the film, Houston criminal attorney Joe Ray Rodriguez, who advised Lopez for the documentary, questioned the decision to dismiss the case.
“It just seems like it was a little bit premature to dismiss a case when you have such a serious offense like murder.”

It was current Nueces County Assistant District Attorney Matt Manning who dismissed the case in 2015.
Today he told us why.
“When the case was dismissed, we informed the family that it was dismissed with the understanding that there was some last second developments in the case. And we thought that we had to re-assess those developments before we went forward to trial.”

In addition to the film, there is also an online petition, already signed by nearly 2000 people, calling for Mendoza’s case to be reopened.
But Manning says the petition isn’t necessary.
He told us he personally spoke with Mendoza’s family 2 weeks ago, telling them that even tho no charges have been filed against Jesse Wayne Taylor, the DA’s office is still investigating.
“If we decide to take a step back and re-assess a case, then that’s us trying to be prudent. That’s not us shying away from seeking justice. It’s the opposite. It’s us saying, you know what, let’s re-assess, because if we only get one bite at the apple, you gotta get it right.”

For a link to the documentary and the petition, check out our website