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West Nile Virus found in mosquito near Agua Dulce

Posted at 8:25 AM, Oct 05, 2018

West Nile Virus has made its way to the Coastal Bend.

Residents are being advised to take extra caution in and around Agua Dulce after West Nile virus was found in a pool of mosquitoes collected by Nueces County Vector Control.

The virus was found near County Road 38. Residents should avoid exposure to mosquitoes. Residents in all parts of western Nueces County should also take precautions.

Nueces County continues to spray in overnight hours to control mosquito populations in the unincorporated areas of Nueces County and are concentrating efforts in the Agua Dulce area.

The best insect repellent is prevention. Be sure you have no standing water in your yard. Use the mosquito spray products on your yard after heavy rains and repeat as needed. Ask your neighbors to do the same.

“Consumer Reports studied insect repellents and found that DEET concentrations of 15-30% were the most effective,” said Professor John Bowman of the Texas A&M Rangel School of Pharmacy. “DEET is very safe and is the only product that is safe for pregnant women in their second or third trimester. No repellent is safe during the first trimester of pregnancy.

Picaridin 20% sprays (Ranger Ready®, Sawyer Premium 20%®) were also highly effective.

Skin So Soft Bug Guard Plus IR3535®, Coleman DEET Free Insect Repellant®, Bite Blocker BioUD® are synthetic chemicals that were less effective than DEET and picaridin, but still provide protection.

Permethrin (Repel® and Sawyer® Clothing Protectants) is effective when sprayed on clothing. A U.S. Army study showed effectiveness even after more than fifty washings.

Oil of lemon eucalyptus 30% is an effective natural insect repellent. Other fragrant plant oils such as citronella (lemongrass), geranium, and lavender, repel insects for only a few minutes. Eating garlic or taking vitamins is not effective, according to the report.

For more information on the West Nile Virus, visit this website.