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How to care for your pets after a big rain

Posted at 5:36 PM, Sep 19, 2018
and last updated 2018-09-19 19:07:34-04

It’s not the rain that can be harmful to your pets. It’s what happens after the rain.

Things grow wild, like mushrooms.

“Mushrooms are very toxic. They’re some of them that are very poisonous to humans and animals,”said Dr. Garrett from PALS.

What about standing water your side yard? Or maybe your back yard?

Garrett says don’t ever let your pet drink this water because it is infested with bacteria, and how you get rid of bacteria in this water? Use some motor oil or spray some lubricant like WD40.

“It will disperse and it will kill the mosquitoes and the eggs,” said Garrett.

And what about pesticides? Your favorite store is stocked with a bunch of choices.

Which ones are safe around your pets and which ones aren’t?

“They make a pyrethrin in the scientific lab called permethrin, which is synthetic and it’s a whole lot stronger. It’s too powerful for cats and its not something you want your dog to get a lot of either,” said Garrett.

Amy Lilly at More Than Feed in Rockport recommends natural or organic pesticides if you have pets.

“There are different ways to treat the mosquitoes. There are chemicals and there are repellents. And we definitely recommend that people use the natural products to help treat the insects,” said Lilly.

Also, have your dog checked for heartworm.