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Heavy rains wash out roads in Duval County

Posted at 6:01 PM, Sep 18, 2018
and last updated 2018-09-18 20:57:46-04

Heavy rains over the weekend washed out several roads in Duval County, leaving people stranded for days.

A section of County Road 235 was completely sunk in with water flowing through. It prevented cars from crossing to the other side.

But even the other side of the road was impassable, with rain making the road uneven.

It helped close County Road 240 for most of the weekend.

Longtime resident Rene Cruz says he experienced more than 20 inches of rain since Thursday. It left parts of County Road 240 under 3 feet of water.

Cruz’s families were stranded in their home for the weekend. He says this is a constant occurrence, but the county has not permanently solved the problem.

“Always happens, every time it rains, last time it rained real bad too,” Cruz said. “That’s how it is, they just patch (the road) and that’s it.”

As of Tuesday afternoon, parts of County Road 240 were drivable, but only after a neighbor took it upon himself to patch up the road.

County officials tell Action 10 News the roads are still too muddy to fix and are currently looking for temporary solutions. They will be conducting welfare checks on people stranded over the weekend.