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City emergency agencies are poised to handle heavy rains

Posted at 4:31 PM, Sep 13, 2018
and last updated 2018-09-13 18:18:45-04

In the event of a significant rain event TxDOT is ready to keep our roads safe and clear.

“TxDOT is ready to go. We’re fueled up our people are ready were ready to roll,” said TxDOT’s PIO Ricky Dailey.

TXDOT already knows the problem spots and is ready to ready to react.

“We’ve pre-staged barricades at 5 locations throughout the city. They’ll go up if those areas flood,” said Dailey

TxDOT will also have trucks montoring the city’s trouble spots. Like the over passes along SPID.

Just in case more man power is needed. There are crews on call in San Antonio.

“TxDOT state wide is is staging personal and equipment in San Antonio, so they will be ready to respond to any trouble areas,” added Dailey.

This predicted rain may cause heavy flooding and CCPD’s Lt. Hooper wants motorists to play it smart, “we have had plenty of warning that this rain event is coming. We know that our ground is saturated and we know that the water is going to stack up. We know that and so there is really no reason for anybody to drive in the high water.”

And if you have to drive. TxDOT has a website that will tell you what roads are safe and which ones are not.

“One of the most important resources and a valuable too to the city is You can go on that website any time day or night and you will get accurate information on road closures,” said Dailey.

Stay safe. The city is doing there job. now lets do ours and drive smart.

For complete road closures go to: