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Overgrown trees causing a problem on Everhart Rd

Posted at 5:42 PM, Sep 10, 2018
and last updated 2018-09-10 20:58:41-04

Anyone taking a ride on Everhart Road near Saratoga will notice trees overhanging fences and impeding the sidewalk.

Sandy Maddox Hoot is training for a triathlon and wants to jog in the on the road, but says she can’t.

“It gets pretty frustrating,” she said. “You know you’re in your zone running. You’re trying to get through, and you know this is a pretty nice neighborhood. Everhart is a very busy road, so don’t want to get anywhere near the street.”

And that’s not all

“I’ve even seen someone in a wheelchair trying to get to the B Bus,” she said. “The traffic had to stop to allow this person to get off onto the grass, onto the street over this pile of concrete. I don’t even know where that’s from but it’s been there quite a while.”

Whose responsibility is it to clear these brushes and trees that are hanging over the fence? Obviously impeding anyone who wants to enjoy the sidewalk.

“That would be the homeowners’ responsibility,” Corpus Christ Police Department senior officer Travis Pace said. “To maintain those trees to keep them trimmed. And not to impede the flow of any pedestrian or anybody on the sidewalk.”

If the problem persists, the homeowner could get a friendly visit from code enforcement. If nothing is then done, code enforcement could take some action.