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BBB says thousands have been scammed by Harvey and that number may go up

Posted at 5:52 PM, Aug 23, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-23 19:18:44-04

As if getting your home or business destroyed by Hurricane Harvey wasn’t bad enough.

Some people to this day haven’t recovered.

The Harlos “Fats” Meat market was a staple in Rockport where customers used to purchase quality meats.

They claim a contractor ran off with a check after  doing minimal work.

To this day, Fats Meats is not open and probably never will.

How many people have been ripped off by phoney contractors?

Kelly Trevino from the BBB says the number could be in the thousands.

“We saw a tremendous number of complaints from what we call storm chasers,” said Trevino.

Many of these storm chasers don’t get arrested.

As Action 10 News first reported Skylar Buras was arrested in San Antonio.

Buras is accused of scamming the elderly in roof jobs he never did.

About 10 residents in the Coastal Bend claim Buras ran off with their insurance checks.

Pastor John Smith is out $21,000.

So a year later, are we done with the scams? Trevino says ‘no.’

“We’re still seeing complaints in the Coastal Bend, repairs that were not done or repairs that were shoddy. And we are working with city agencies to share information to find out if there is some key people to find out if there are some people who are taking money and not completing repairs on time,” said Trevino.

So if you have been scammed or your work still isn’t done. Submit a complaint with the BBB. You wont be the only one.