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G-PISD teachers, staff to receive biggest pay raise in district history

Posted at 12:37 PM, Aug 10, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-10 13:37:03-04

PORTLAND, Texas – Teachers and staff at Gregory Portland Independent School District are getting the highest overall salary increase in district history this year.

The district says that although salaries will increase, current tax rates for district residents will not be raised.

According to G-PISD, the district’s board of trustees last week approved raises including a significant $3,000 boost in annual salary for tenured educators with 14 or more years of experience, as well as substantial pay increases across the system totaling more than $1.7 Million invested to reward teachers and staff this year.

G-PISD’s starting salary for first-year teachers is now set at $52,284 – a $1,900 increase from the previous year. Teachers who have between 1 and 9 years’ experience are receiving a $2,100 increase, and those with between 10 and 13 years are receiving a $2,500 increase.

Clerical, Technical and Auxiliary staff were approved for a raise at 3 percent of the midpoint in their pay grade, with an additional $0.50 per hour increase for tenured employees with 6 or more years’ experience.

Administrators will receive a raise at 3 percent of the midpoint in their respective pay grades.

“We are providing the most substantial increase in the history of this school district, and strategically adjusting salaries so that pay remains equitable for all,” said G-PISD Superintendent Dr. Paul Clore. “This year, in addition to raises we’re adjusting pay for tenured educators and staff. We want them to know we appreciate their loyalty and commitment to this school district, and that their experience is highly valued.”

Board Members approved all salary increases with a 6-0 vote at the regular meeting on July 30.