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Rockport couple showcase Harvey debris art on Facebook show

Posted at 5:22 PM, Aug 08, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-08 18:39:21-04

Jes and Reid Richardson knew there had to be a silver lining to Harvey’s devastating cloud.

“The silver lining for us was simply reclaiming beautiful products out of debris,” said artist Jes Richardson.

So the couple turned their Rockport property into a place for art. Art that soothed the soul.

“We started building things for people and mostly sentimental things form the debris from their houses,” said artist Reid Richardson.

So they rummaged through piles of debris and took wood that otherwise would be hauled off and brought it to their yard.

And for shade, they took the sails from boats that were destroyed.

Even vinyl records that were warped. Found in an abandoned house. Turned into a small planter

“Not only has art changed the life of Jes and Reid, it also changed the lives of other Rockport artists. For example, one made a saucer and cup out of clay from scratch. Where can you buy this? It’s actually for sale on a nightly Facebook show called, “it’s the Jes’ Booty Show.

“Our artisans were in the same exact position that we were. They all started out with nothing. All of them do amazing work we are giving them the opportunity through a live show to create something with us that something that hasn’t really been done before,” said Reid.

Jes continued, “our number one feedback that we hear from almost everybody is ya’ll are so much fun. There is so much encouragement so much hope that’s the beauty of it to me.”

You can check out Jes’ Booty show on Facebook 7 days a week.