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Tool Bank and All Hands and Hearts team up to rebuild after Harvey

Posted at 4:31 PM, Aug 03, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-03 18:14:48-04

The Tool Bank trailer travels around the country lending tools to non-profit organizations who are helping homeowners rebuild their house following a natural disaster.

“There is a lot of compassion involved we see a lot of devastation. We’ve seen people lose everything so we are here to help everybody,” said Miranda Davis, Tool Bank’s Disaster Partnership Coordinator.

Tool Bank has sponsors and donors who give every tool imaginable to rebuild a home.

Inside their trailer looks like a mini home improvement store.

Tool Bank is where the journey begins. From there, they give their tools to nonprofit organizations like All Hands and Hearts, who are rebuilding houses for free.

Volunteers make up All Hands and Hearts, they have helped over 200 homeowners in the Coastal Bend rebuild since the hurricane hit.

“It’s really cool to see so many different people come from all over the country, all over the world to come and work here and live here. We live in kind of abandoned church and we have you know a ton of bunk beds and we all live communally,” said Ashley Saulcy from All Hands and Hearts.

One of the volunteers is Kornila from Poland. She came to the United States for her friend’s wedding in New York, which is next week.

“Instead of just driving on my own around the country, I decided to do something useful for the community. Spend longer time in one specific place or state, so I chose Texas,” said Korneila.

And then there is Sunny, who is from Houston but wanted a smaller hometown feel to donate her time.

“Rockport has a lovely community and I’m really excited to be here and help,” said Sunny.

You can call them volunteers, but to the Rockport community, these kids who donate their time helping those in need are nothing short of heroes.

Here is a link to Tool Bank:

Here is a link for All Hands and Hearts: