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New Ghost sighting at the Lexington?

Posted at 5:30 PM, Aug 02, 2018


Visitors flock to the USS Lexington to get a look at the vintage WW2 ship and if you are lucky, you just may see more than you bargained for.

“There a bunch of stories that we just can’t discredit,” said Paranormal Tour Guide, Bill Miller.

The latest was a photo taken by a man visiting from Louisiana.

In the photo you can clearly see a shadow of a man, but is it a real ghost?

We contacted the man who took the photo, who swears it’s real, and that reflection or shadow is not of a man standing by the display. There was no one else around.

“Nothing in the room! There is nothing that can make that reflection. I’m 5′ 3′ and 280 pounds. That’s defiantly not me in that reflection,” said Will Smith.

One that the USS Lexington does not dispute and it is the most common and consistent sighting.

It takes place in the ship’s galley.

It is of a man who is in khakis and a tee shirt wearing a sailors hat.

“As soon as they step in if the guys I wearing a hat. He will hear someone yell at them ‘take off that damn hat’,” said Miller.

Another paranormal claim happened while our cameras were there.

Josh Morgan from San Antonio was taking the tour felt something he’s never felt before.

“I felt very nervous. All of the sudden, I felt like someone grabbed my heart and lungs and I couldn’t breathe for a while,” said Morgan.

So if you want some fun, go to the USS Lexington. Be sure to bring your camera.