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Stingers Coffee Shop picks up only perfect Kitchen Cops score

Stingers Coffee Shop received this week's only perfect score from Kitchen Cops
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Posted at 4:49 PM, Sep 02, 2021
and last updated 2021-09-02 17:56:27-04

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — The city/county health inspectors handed out only one perfect score this week among the nine inspection reports they produced - most in the area of Saratoga and Yorktown.

This week's only perfect-scoring restaurant is Stingers Coffee Shop at 7042 S. Staples.

The owner, Hollie Borchers, also owns the Stingers at Airline and South Staples. They obviously know how to keep it clean.

They know how to keep it clean.

Jose Cruz is one of the managers at the location at 7042 South Staples, and we spoke with him about how the plan to handle COVID-19 safety going forward.

Cruz is determined to allow customers to come inside at sit down at his location.

"I believe we are going to continue letting people come in right now," Cruz said, adding they will not require masks "until the governor does."

Here are the other scores from this week.


  • Atomic Omelette and Grill, 6646 S. Staples
  • Comanche Cafe, 322 Staples
  • Desserted Uskabdm 100 White, Port Aransas


  • Nolan's, 7426 St. Staples


  • Cruzy's, 7042 S. Staples


  • Chops & Eggs, 5802 Yorktown

So that's six scores on tonight's A list and four of them are located a very short distance from others.

And here our are restaurants on the B list


  • Sonic Drive-In, 6557 Staples

Violations included:

  • Wash all pans thoroughly and allow to air dry before stacking
  • Paper towels needed at hand washing sink
  • Employees must wear effective hair restraints
  • Label all food containers as to contents
  • Clean outer part of food containers and storage rack
  • Too much standing water
  • Men’s and women’s restroom need attention
  • Store personal items away from food


  • Bluffalo Wing South Side located at 5802 Yorktown

Violations include:

  • Fish kept at wrong temperature
  • All pans need to be washed thoroughly
  • Store chemical spray bottles away from prep area
  • Label all spray bottles as to contents
  • No certified food manager present at time of inspection
  • Paper towels needed at hand washing sink
  • Flies and gnats