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Nueces County Jail and Annex scores on Kitchen Cops B List

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Posted at 3:42 PM, May 13, 2021
and last updated 2021-05-13 18:02:25-04

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — Andrew Liscano brings you the latest health inspection reports on your favorite local restaurants on this week's Kitchen Cops.

Marble Slab Creamery, Hanaya Poke, and Grub Burger Bar in the shopping center on Staples between SPID and
Mc Ardle are among nine businesses earning perfect scores from county health inspectors this week.

This is the sixth time Marble Slab has been honored for keeping it clean.

Head south on Staples, at Bonner, and you'll find Ora's Kitchen earned a perfect score. They specialize in serving Latin food.

Then on Alameda and Weber, you'll find Phat Keto being honored.

Congratulations to all for keeping it clean and safe for their customers.

There are 27 businesses on tonight's A list with scores ranging from 99 to 91.

There are six places on tonight's B list with scores ranging from 89 to 84.

Inspectors found eight violations at the Nueces County Jail, among them, food surfaces not sanitized, giving them a score of 88.

The jail annex had seven violations and earned a score of 87. Inspectors said employees must wash their hands and get new gloves after touching contaminated surfaces.

Chief of Jail Administration Daniel Perez says the kitchens at both facilities are handled by a private contractor.
They've been made aware of the violations, and are addressing them.

Here's a full list of this week's scores:

Perfect Scores

  • Dulcerias Pinkis located at 2308 Horne
  • Grub Burger Bar located at 4902 Staples
  • Hanaya Poke located at 4938 Staples
  • Little Caesar’s located at 4208 Ayers
  • Marble Slab Creamery located at 4938 Staples
  • Ora’s Kitchen located at 5433 Staples
  • Phat Keto located at 3741 Alameda
  • Taylor Center Deli located at 3636 Alameda
  • Whataburger located at 4126 Staples


  • Belleeah’s Apples & Treats located at 5433 Staples
  • Charley’s Philly Steaks & Wings located at 5625 Saratoga
  • Jackson’s Hole located at 6300 Everhart
  • Schlotzsky’s located at 11326 Leopard
  • Yola Cocina Mexicana located at 3818 Alameda


  • Bill Miller’s Bar-B-Que located at 4946 Ayers
  • Subway located at 4444 Kostoryz
  • Whataburger located at 734 Port


  • Subway located at 5017 Saratoga
  • Happy Tea located at 5433 Staples
  • Hawaii Poke & Ramen located at 4002 SPID
  • Taco Bell located at 6506 Weber


  • Church’s Fried Chicken located at 5149 Weber
  • McDonald’s located at 3211 SPID
  • McDonald’s located at 5560 SPID
  • Ramen Legend located at 4938 Staples
  • Sno Ball Too located at 7114 Saratoga


  • Church’s Fried Chicken located at 735 Lum
  • Jersey Mikes located at 4938 Staples
  • Snapka’s Drive Inn located at 4434 Weber


  • Corner Bakery located at 4938 Staples
  • New China Café located at 4110 Port
  • School of Science & Technology – Bayshore located at 2626 Airline


  • Carniceria Hidalgo located at 2702 Dunbar


  • Ginger Café located at 7009 Staples
  • Marble Slab Creamery located at 5521 Saratoga


  • Chicken Express located at 4633 Staples


  • Shell’s Pasta & Seafood located at 522 Ave G

Violations include:

  1. Dirty ice maker
  2. Clean ceiling
  3. Corroded grill shelves in coolers need to be replaced
  4. Provide food handler cards


  • Nueces County Jail located at 901 Leopard

Violations include:

  1. Store hot hold foods off the ground
  2. Sanitize food surfaces
  3. Make sure handwashing is properly stocked
  4. Evidence of cockroach
  5. Personal cups need lids
  6. No unapproved jewelry should be worn
  7. Make sure pans are clean and dry prior to storing
  8. Fix leaks under dishwashing sink


  • Chapala Grill Mexican Restaurant located at 2330 Airline

Violations include:

  1. Raw meat stored above cooked food and sauces
  2. All food in freezer needs to be covered securely
  3. Store chemicals away from blenders and food
  4. All leftovers in walk-in cooler needs a use by date
  5. Use hand washing sink for only washing hands
  6. Store wiping towels properly
  7. Store ice scoop properly
  8. Do not use bowls to dispense dry goods
  9. Place bar glasses on bar matting
  10. Restroom doors need to be self-closing
  • Nueces County Jail Annex located at 745 NPID

---------------------------------------------------------------Violations include:

  1. Store hot hold foods off the ground
  2. Employees must wash hands and get new gloves after touching contaminated surfaces
  3. Make sure paper towels are available
  4. Service sink did not have proper amount of chlorine
  5. Contact pest control to handle flies
  6. No unapproved jewelry should be worn
  7. Fix leaks in dishwashing facilities


  • El Potro Mexican Restaurant located at 6085 Weber

Violations include:

  1. Raw meat stored above cracked eggs
  2. Food in refrigerator needs to be stored six inches off of the floor
  3. Chemicals stored next to food
  4. Refrigerator not working
  5. Date and cover food in refrigerator
  6. No hot water at hand wash sink
  7. Don’t store knife between prep table and prep station refrigerator
  8. Utensil with handle needed to portion food
  9. Label bulk container of sugar


  • Taqueria Jalisco #2 located at 2341 Horne

Violations include:

  1. Need to cover chips during storage
  2. Do not store meat over vegetables
  3. Need to wash hands between tasks
  4. Fridge not holding at proper temp
  5. All food needs to be dated and labeled
  6. Do not store dirty dishes in hand washing sink
  7. Gnats
  8. Cook eating while working hot line
  9. Employees should wear proper hair restraints
  10. Utensils with handles needed for salsa
  11. A hole needs to be patched