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No perfect scores on Kitchen Cops

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Posted at 5:08 PM, Aug 26, 2021
and last updated 2021-08-26 18:15:59-04

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — Nueces County Health Inspectors didn't hand out any Perfect Scores again this week on Kitchen Cops.
In fact, there are only three scores to report this week.

The Subway on the Island earned a score of 96 and is the only business on the A list.

Inspectors found 11 violations at the Hunan Express #1 at Everhart and Bonner, earning them a spot on the B list and a score of 84.

And the Hunan Express at the corner of Airline and Williams also earned a score of 84 and a spot on the B list as well.

Here's a complete list of this week's scores;



Subway Sandwiches, 14225 SPID



Hunan Express #1, 5502 Everhart

Violations include:

  • Containers stored on top of food
  • All food needs to be stored 6 inches off ground
  • Need to wash hands between tasks
  • All food in walk-in cooler needs to be dated and labeled
  • Towels and soap needed at hand-washing sink
  • Dirty cutting boards
  • Dirty kitchen tables
  • Cannot wear jewelry when handling food
  • Store knives properly
  • Dirty shelves in walk-in cooler
  • Light not working in walk-in freezer


Hunan Express #2, 5997 Williams

Violations include:

  • All food needs to be stored 6 inches off ground
  • Mold in ice bin
  • Do not store chemicals on top of rice
  • Label and date all food
  • Dirty equipment and cutting boards
  • Droppings
  • Nail polish should not be worn when handling food
  • Properly store wiping cloths