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Mo Meaux's is open again and earns a perfect score on Kitchen Cops

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Posted at 3:49 PM, Jun 17, 2021
and last updated 2021-06-17 18:39:20-04

CORPUS CHRIST, Texas — Mo Meaux's on SPID is open again, and has earned a Perfect Score.

Do you know why it's called Mo Meaux's? Well, the owners' name is Moses Ling. That's the 'Mo' part. He added 'Meaux' for the Cajun touch. Just a little Kitchen Cops trivia for you.

Ling told us the they were closed for six months, primarily due to the pandemic, but also his lease.
But they're open for business again, and customers are coming back, but not his former employees.
In other words, he's hiring.

"We have seats. Now we don't have people to work. To serve. Incredible, isn't it? Yeah. I got people waiting in front. You got seats. Yeah, but I got no people to serve you. Can't let you in."

Congratulations to those employees who are working, for keeping this place clean and safe for the public.

Also earning a perfect score, the Vine Juice Company in the shopping center at the corner of Alameda and Airline. Suzanne Sudder and Lisa Sutter own this location and the one on the corner of Staples and Holly. That location has earned multiple 100's from county health inspectors in the past. The Alameda and Airline only been open since just before the pandemic hit last year. It's described as a juice bar with healthy eating options.
Congratulations to them.

There are five businesses on the A list with scores ranging from 99 to 92.

There are also two on the B list. Inspectors found eight violations at Montana Mike's on South Staples, and gave them a score of 89. Inspectors found 16 violations at Vaquero's Mexican Restaurant on Ayers. One of them was that the place didn't have a valid current health permit. They were given a score of 80.

One more perfect score to tell you about. It's right next door, within a few steps from the Vine Juice Company on Alameda. It's the Driftwood Coffee Company.

"We're a coffee roastery and a tasting room," says the owner Steve Carroll, a Corpus Christi native. "So we roast coffee fresh. We provide it in 12 ounce bags, 2 pound bags and 5 pound bags for wholesale specialty coffee. Better than your average cup."

They also offer pastries from Sugarbakers and cookies from Cookies By Design, a neighboring business within walking distance. Carroll says he opened couple years ago, and despite the pandemic, business is good as are his employees.

"Yes, it's a balance that you have to strike as a business owner how to keep your employees happy, well fed, things like that. But also to keep a successful business." Thanks for keeping it clean and safe Steve.

Here is the complete list of this week's scores.

Perfect Scores

  • The Vine Juice Company located at 4705 Alameda
  • Driftwood Coffee Co located at 4703 Alameda
  • Mo Meaux’s Kitchen located at 1933 SPID


  • The Library Bar located at 5710 Alameda


  • Subway located at 1115 Hwy 361


  • Lelo’s Island Bar located at 212 Beach


  • Denny’s located at 4918 SPID


  • Pizza Hut located at 2120 Staples


  • Montana Mike’s located at 6542 Staples

Violations include:

  1. Pans need to be washed thoroughly and air dry before stacking
  2. All spray bottles need to be labeled
  3. Gnats
  4. Roaches
  5. Store wiping cloths properly
  6. All food containers need to be labeled
  7. Clean outside of margarita machine
  8. Clean all equipment and behind it


  • Vaquero’s Mexican Restaurant located at 4402 Ayers

Violations include:

  1. Food stored on floor
  2. Dirty drink dispensers
  3. Dirty bar glasses
  4. Food in walk-in needs to be dated and labeled
  5. All cooling units need thermometers
  6. No current 2021 health permit
  7. Keep hand washing sink free of debris
  8. Hand washing sink needed behind bar
  9. Evidence of gnats under service sink
  10. Store wiping cloths properly
  11. Store knives properly
  12. Store spoons with handles facing up
  13. Scoop needed in service ice bin
  14. Bar glasses need to be stored on bar mats
  15. Label bulk items
  16. Remove all cardboard lining from shelves