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Missing or expired Food Manager/Handler Cards lead to violations on Kitchen Cops

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Posted at 5:02 PM, Jan 13, 2022
and last updated 2022-01-13 20:21:46-05

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — A&A Gyros on Yorktown is one of nine restaurants earning perfect scores from health inspectors this week. So did Raising Cane's Chicken Fingers on SPID.

The other seven included:

  • Ruby Thai Kitchen on SPID
  • Dairy Queen on Saratoga
  • Papa Murphy's Pizza on Saratoga
  • Snapka's on Weber
  • Southern Charm Home Cookin' on Rand Morgan
  • Taco Bell on Everhart
  • Taco Bell on Waldron in Flour Bluff

Thanks for keeping it clean y'all.

There are 42 places on this week's A list with scores in the 90's, and six places on the B list with scores in the 80's. There is one restaurant on the C list.

Inspectors found 12 violations at the Boat N' Net on Kostoryz and gave them a score of 79. One of the violations was all employees need food handler cards.

At Little Caesar's on 2744 Staples, all employees have two weeks to get food handler certificates current. At Nuevo Cafe on Ayers, employees with food manager certificates were needed on site, and all employees need current food handler certifications. Additionally, at Santa Rosa Mexican Restaurant on Staples, an employee with a food manager certification was needed on site.

Jennifer Richter with the City-County Health Department tells the Kitchen Cops that the food handler certifications require a two hour online class on general food safety, and it has to be renewed every two years.

The food manager certification course can be taken online or at Del Mar College, followed by a state certified exam. Once you pass, you register with the health department. Your certification is good for five years.

Richter adds that the health department does this for educational purposes, not disciplinary.

Here's a complete list of all this week's scores:

Perfect Scores

  • A&A Gyros & More located at 6314 Yorktown
  • Dairy Queen located at 6169 Saratoga
  • Papa Murphy’s Pizza located at 5017 Saratoga
  • Raising Cane’s Chicken Fingers located at 5425 SPID
  • Ruby Thai Kitchen located at 5488 SPID
  • Snapka’s Drive Inn located at 4434 Weber
  • Southern Charm Home Cookin’ located at 2426 Rand Morgan
  • Taco Bell located at 5530 Everhart
  • Taco Bell located at 1217 Waldron


  • Asian Café located at 2233 Airline
  • Chicken Express located at 3014 Cimarron
  • Pete’s Chicken N More located at 6502 Yorktown
  • Popeye’s located at 6829 SPID
  • Subway located at 4128 Staples
  • Subway located at 4101 Hwy 77
  • Whataburger located at 6817 SPID


  • McDonald’s located at 2222 Staples
  • Panda Express located at 6153 Saratoga
  • Taco Bell located at 1501 Nile


  • Dairy Queen located at Bypass 77 & Main
  • Peoples Restaurant located at 9738 Up River
  • Seaside Café located at 169 Seaside
  • Sufi Kabob located at 7150 SPID
  • Surfing Crab located at 5057 SPID
  • Whataburger located at 510 Texan Trail
  • Yalee’s Asian Bistro located at 5649 Saratoga


  • Burger King located at 6610 Saratoga
  • Chapala Grill Mexican Restaurant located at 2330 Airline
  • Pizza Hut located at 4101 Hwy 77
  • Dylan’s Pizza located at 128 Market
  • Texas Roadhouse located at 2029 SPID


  • Brewster’s Street Ice House – Southside located at 5550 Holly
  • Granny Hot Tamales located at 2033 Airline
  • Las Espuelas located at 1620 SPID
  • Sarku Japan located at 5488 SPID
  • Surfing Crab located at 6418 Staples


  • Domino’s Pizza located at 1620 SPID
  • Mo Meaux’s Kitchen located at 1933 SPID
  • Wing Stop located at 4101 Hwy 77
  • Z-Counter located at 1220 Airline


  • Steak N Shake located at 5488 SPID


  • Domino’s Pizza located at 2714 Staples
  • My Favorite Muffin located at 3264 Alameda
  • Trout Street Bar & Grill located at 104 Cotter
  • Villa Pizza located at 5488 SPID


  • Linda’s Mexican Restaurant located at 4033 Gollihar
  • McDonald’s located at 1610 SPID


  • Church’s Chicken located at 10101 SPID
  • Cici’s Pizza located at 4101 Hwy 77
  • La Playa Mexican Restaurant located at 5017 Saratoga
  • Los Altos del Jalisco #2 located at 6301 I-37


  • Little Caesar’s located at 2744 Staples

Violations include:

  1. Make sure pans are clean before use
  2. All employees have two weeks to get food handler’s certificates current
  3. Label and date all food
  4. Dirty reach-in refrigerators and food prep area
  5. Make sure sanitizer is at appropriate level


  • Nuevo Café located at 1124 Ayers

Violations include:

  1. Meat at wrong temperature
  2. Employee with food manager certificate needed on site
  3. All employees need current food handlers certification
  4. Employees need to wear effective hair restraints and no unapproved jewelry
  5. Sinks are being used properly
  6. Properly store wiping cloths
  7. Replace faucets at sinks


  • Dao Authentic Asian Cuisine located at 2033 Airline

Violations include:

  1. Chicken stored under hand washing sink
  2. Broccoli & carrots not stored properly
  3. Do not store raw chicken above raw beef
  4. Employees must wash hands after tasks
  5. Employees must wear effective hair restraints
  6. Properly store wiping cloths
  7. Do not thaw fish in standing water
  8. Store all scoop handles with handles up
  9. Store glasses on bar matting
  10. Label all food containers
  11. Do not use bowls to dispense food
  12. Clean walls around soda fountain


  • Santa Rosa located at 2722 Staples

Violations include:

  1. Keep perishable food at proper temperature
  2. Stack metal pans with food properly
  3. Do not store food on the floor
  4. Employees need to wash hands between tasks
  5. Employee with food manager certificate needed on site
  6. Employees need to wear effective hair and beard restraints
  7. Scoop handles should not be touching dry goods
  8. All bulk items need to be labeled


  • Googly’s located at 6062 Airline

Violations include:

  1. Chicken not stored at right temperature
  2. Do not store chicken above beef
  3. Label all spray bottles
  4. Thermometers needed in all refrigeration units
  5. Use handwashing sinks for handwashing only
  6. Paper towels needed at handwashing sink
  7. Properly store wiping cloths
  8. Store all scoop handles with handles up
  9. Do not use cups to dispense food
  10. Dirty soda nozzles


  • Taqueria Jalisco located at 535 Hwy 77

Violations include:

  1. Food at wrong temperature
  2. Do not store raw chicken above ready-to-eat food
  3. Dishwasher at wrong sanitizing level
  4. Dirty microwave
  5. Dirty ice machine
  6. Dirty bar glasses
  7. Use-by date need on all food in walk-in cooler
  8. Gnats at bar
  9. Employees must use drinking cups with lids
  10. Properly store wiping cloths
  11. Do not use bowls or styrofoam cups to dispense food
  12. Refrigerator doors need repaired



  • Boat N Net #2 located at 4808 Kostoryz

Violations include:

  1. Dirty Ice machine
  2. Don’t store drinks in ice machine
  3. No hot water
  4. No food manager on duty
  5. All employees need food handler cards
  6. Reach-in cooler at wrong temperature
  7. Thermometers needed in all coolers and freezers
  8. Dirty walk-in cooler; also needs repairs
  9. Dirty sink
  10. Dirty A/C vents
  11. Walk-in cooler light needs replaced
  12. Door sweep needed at back door